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A Unique Approach


Lomilomi Pressure Point And Energy Healing

Healing Session

Every healing session in uniquely tailored to you as an individual. I will do a reading of the signs by looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse before applying the Lapa'au method of healing through the framework of Lomilomi for you. I will unblock your energy pathways and align you with the power of the HA or breath of life. Whatever your condition is, I will use the Lomilomi pressure point and energy healing as well as herbal medicines to restore you to optimal health, happiness, comfort, and wellbeing.

Justine Yuen

This young man is very well educated and a natural intuitive. His practice in Lomilomi and pressure point healing reversed my heart disease. I was being treated by a physician who only masked my issue. I'm so grateful for Joseph being in my life and sharing his knowledge of la'au lapa'au."
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