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Who am I?

I studied with Kumu Alva Andrews in Waimanalo on the Island of Oahu for many years on a one-on-one basis. I was recognized by the State of Hawaii as a Skilled Martial and Healing Artist in 2012 and received the highest certification for Lomilomi. I am a Healer using the cultural practices of Lomilomi and Ka'hea Lapa'au in alignment with Act 304 of Hawaiian Healers. Kumu Alva Andrews predicted through his clairvoyance that my Lomilomi would incorporate pressure point healing. Many years later in 2015, I earned a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The knowledge of the acupuncture points and Qi meridian system evolved my Lomilomi skills to a remarkably high level. Although I studied many healing traditions, my respect for the genius loci of Hawaii is my reason for applying the art of Lomilomi Lapa'au Lima Lewa as my service.

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